Ladies Golf Clothes

Normally, most private golf clubs do not allow T-shirts and other types of shorts and skirts, specifically denim, and tennis gear. There will be strict rules to follow in terms of style and color that can be worn. Also, the clothes you wear depend largely on where you will play and who will you play with. So, if you are a new member of a golf club, you have to know its specific dress code before hitting the stores to buy your golf clothes.

Do I have to buy branded or non-branded ladies golf clothing? Most branded golf clothing, shoes, gloves, and gears are very expensive. But, once you have determined your price range and priority, buying your golf clothes becomes easy. There are branded apparel that will suit to your conservative budget. However, expensive branded golf clothing will definitely give you an edge and the coveted acceptance in exclusive golf clubs.

What about all weather golfing apparel?

Golf is an outdoor sport, thus you must expect to be exposed to different kinds of weather. If it is all sunny, golf hats or caps and a pair of chic sunglasses are essential items to bring with you. Lightweight golf clothing and sun block lotion would be most recommended as well. However, in those rainy and windy days, an all-weather waterproof is necessary. A light weight golf umbrella can very well protect you not only from the rain but also from the sun.

What about golf shoes?

Proper golf shoes are a must. It is something that running or tennis shoes could never replace, so never even think of trying to use them instead. These golf shoes come in various styles with different types of tread. But, you have to remember that golf shoes are only worn on the course. Therefore regular shoes will still be needed outside of the golf course.